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Located in the heart of Miami, Florida, Old Liquors Inc. provides the world's oldest and rarest Vintages of Spirits and Wine in the country.

The world's most exclusive spirits brand Old Liquors Collection represents the world's rarest and oldest spirits sold at Retail. The Miami distributor supplies liquor stores, restaurants, and other fine establishments with the world's rarest spirits and wines.

Provenance Guaranteed

The advantage of purchasing from Old Liquors Inc is that you not only have the product in front of you, when you visit our Miami, Florida showroom, but you also have the original purchase receipt that confirms provenance and authenticity.

Authentic Spirits

Every connaisseur wants the opportunity to taste rare spirits and wines, to have a chance to own and taste the wine they always dreamed about. Its a dream, that can be reality, now there is a wine cellar that holds over 10,000 bottles of the world's rarest and most historic spirits and wine in Miami, Florida.


Old Liquors follows rigorous inspection guidelines on all wines & spirits in the cellar and on this webshop ensuring the bottles you purchase are of the highest quality. We mention the provenance on the product page and in the accompanying documentation. We even provide a certificate with the bottle attesting to its heritage.


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