Cognac 1747 Clos de Griffier

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Grande Champagne, Clos de Griffier, Caves de Famille Nignon, Restaurant LaRue.

The restaurant Larue, at the corner of Rue Royale and Place de la Madeleine, was taken over by Edouard Nignon in 1908. Before this Nignon worked as a chef at Cafe Anglais, Lapérouse, Paillard, he opened the Claridge in London and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, and directed 120 cooks at the Moscow Metropole Hotel. Recognized by specialists as the father of modern cuisine, Edouard Nignon remains unknown to the general public. Nignon who receives "Tout Paris" at his table, is a star in monarchist, Bonapartist, nationalist and aristocratic circles and with the members of the French Academy. 

Size 700 ml
Vintage 1747
Alcohol 40.0
Bottled 1920
Fill level High shoulder