Cognac 1868 Hennessy Bowie & McKechnie

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A rare bottle of 1868 J. Hennessy & Co cognac. Bottled for the English market by Bowen & McKechnie - London, this is one of these beautiful treasures that rarely come to auction. Mouth-blown into a mold, this bottle was produced in the late 19th century.



The bottle comes from an old liquor shop in London which ended their business in the late 1970's. The interior of the shop was sold off in 1984 to a Dutch dealer in antique shop interiors. Along with all the furniture was this bottle, a very rare find! Bowie & McKechnie were one of the many wine & spirits merchants operating from the London harbor. Especially at the end of the 19th / early 20th century, a lot of beverages were shipped around the world.Like most Wine & Spirits Merchants, Bowie & McKechnie started mainly as wine and cognac traders, but whiskey emerged from whiskey during the phylloxera crisis. They were respected merchants who had also imported Hennessy for a while, already being one of the largest Cognac companies.

Size 700 ml
Alcohol 40.0
Bottled 1890
Fill level Low shoulder
Shape Cognaçaise