Cognac 1887 Hennessy Bottled 1922

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Early Landed, Vintage Brandy, Bottled 1922. 
A truly remarkable piece of Hennessy History. Condition: label very slightly soiled and slightly scuffed at bottom, wax capsule missing from collar, intact on top.

Distilled in 1887 from Pre-Phylloxera grapes and bottled in 1922 after maturing in oak casks for 35 years. Obtained from the treasured collection of a true connoisseur. A bottle of this stellar beauty rarely comes up for sale and make one pause for thought, preferably with a glass in hand.


Early-landed cognac is a vintage product. The spirit would arrive in London before it is two years old and merchants would age it in waterside bonds. The rather pale color, that is typical, is because the humidity allows the strength of the spirit to fall, but the cold means there is virtually no evaporation. While a Cognac matured in its home region will have absorbed the color and aromas of the wood and the cellar, these have a freshness. There are none of the truffly, cheesy notes known as rancio - even in the oldest.

Size 700 ml
Vintage 1887
Alcohol 40.0
Age 30+ year old
Bottled 1922
Classification (Unspecified)
Fill level High shoulder
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