Cognac Courvoisier Erté Collection No.8 Inedit

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Censored US outside packaging label with leaf over illustration on plastic sleeve
In original presentation box

The Courvoisier Erte Collection includes 8 different bottles of cognac. No. 1 to No.7 of the Erte Collection bottle, and the decanter of 1988. The Russian-born French artist Romain de Tirtoff, also known as Erté (born in November 1892), designed the bottles of this limited : The visuals present the 7 steps of cognac making. The blends consist of rare Grande Champagne eau-de-vie, some of the -de-vie  date back to 1892, the year of the artist's birth. These bottles are highly sought-after by collectors.

Size 750 ml
Alcohol 40.0
Bottled 1987
Classification Erté Collection No.8 Inedit
Packaging Original Luxury Presentation Box
Shape Carafe