Madeira 1862 Borges H.M. Terrantez

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Terrantez, Recorked by O.P. Brothers in 2015

Wine Legend: Michael Broadbent says the 1862 was not only the best vintage of Terrantez ever made but ‘the greatest of all Madeiras’. Scarcity has always given wines from Terrantez a high reputation, but few examples have proved more persuasive than this. Given the near extinction of the variety in the 20th century, remaining bottles from the 19th century have been especially prized.

Michael Broadbent in 1994 recalled he had tasted the wine five times, noting ‘an almost overwhelming bouquet and flavour, high toned, tangy, scented, power and delicacy magically combined… Sweeter than some Terrantez, with slight touch of singed caramel and chocolate’. Retasting the wine in 2010, he found his earlier note still valid. This was also one of the very few wines to which he awarded ‘At best six stars’ in Vintage Wine.

Richard Mayson in his 2015 book Madeira, has a note from 2009: ‘Like a good old amontillado but without the tang, candied peel with a touch of coffee and butterscotch; a slightly cask finish.’

In his book on Madeira (2014 edition), Alex Liddell was captivated: ‘Astonishingly full and assertive bouquet [of] candied peel, coconut and kiwi fruit; immensely weighty on the palate… but behind the opulence, a steely backbone of acidity; almost medicinally dry, with a bitter finish and length which goes on and on…Sensational. A giant among giants.’

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Size 750 ml
Vintage 1862
Alcohol 20.0
Classification Terrantez
Fill level Base neck