Port 1847 Ferreirinha Colheita

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A rare piece of Port history. Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, also known as "Ferreirinha," is a prominent figure in Douro's history. She is recognized for her entrepreneurial skills and impact on the region's wine industry, as well as her philanthropic nature and charitable actions. (1811-1896)

As a young widow at 33, she took charge of the family business at which point she began to exercise her role as 'Successora' of the family estates and transformed it into what became Casa Ferreira, showcasing her exceptional business acumen. 

Being part of the fourth generation of the renowned Ferreira family in Douro, who rose to prominence in the wine industry and production of Port Wine, Dona Antónia inherited substantial wealth but went beyond just managing it. She invested heavily and passionately in the region she loved, without relying on government support. Known for her negotiating skills and business acumen, she succeeded in the male-dominated world by combining tradition with innovative wine production techniques, including bottling systems. She believed that maintaining high quality was essential to the company's reputation and this unwavering commitment to excellence solidified her reputation in the wine industry.

Size 750 ml
Vintage 1847
Alcohol 20.0
Fill level Top shoulder